My name is Joana Bernardo.
I am a designer, published author, and radio host living in Lisbon and working globally.
This website will soon feature some of my projects and, in the meantime, I am actively seeking new collaborations and opportunities.Don't hesitate to reach out!


I studied Communications Design (BA) and Typography & Edition (MA) at the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Arts, and have applied my skills in a variety of creative and commercial outlets.

Between 2017 and 2022 I was part of the communications team of the largest division of RE/MAX in the Iberian Peninsula, RE/MAX Latina. While there, I managed web design and print, office design and decoration, and web application development. In my current role, I continue working closely with national and international companies, building brand books, online content and platforms, and more.

From 2009 to 2020 I worked at RADAR, Lisbon’s premiere independent radio station, where I hosted live shows, produced content, and built the radio’s online identity. Now you can listen to my radio show on FUTURA: Rádio de Autor.

In 2017 I self published the book 30 anos 8 dias (30 Years, 8 Days), a project that documents the lives of 13 young adults as they turn 30. In March of 2022, I edited my second book, “8 Dias em 2020” (8 Days in 2020), which tells the story of 2020 through two dozen diaries. I have also collaborated with various publications, including Wrong Wrong Magazine, Brotéria, and Tropor Magazine by Abysmo.

Building upon my experience in radio, I do voice overs for various media. My work includes commercials for Lusocanal Media Group and voice acting for the animated movie "Páscoa" (2023) by the illustrator André Ruivo.

Between 2021 and 2023 I worked on a Gallery and Publisher XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


I will get back to you soon.


joana bernardo

I'm a portuguese designer, published author and radio host.
Check my bio and don't forget to say hi.

8 Dias em 2020
A Tribute to 6 Designers

ENCONTRO DE SAÚDE LGBTQI+Visual identity for a health congress organized by the Portuguese Society of Clinic Sexology.

[2019] [LOGO DESIGN]

PRIMEIRO CAISPoster for the movie "Primeiro Cais" ("First Dock"), directed by the italian filmmaker Chiara Missaggia


LINES AND DOTSThe Letters have no longer a semantic function, they are plastic elements. Letters are lines and dots.
The Letter is a monument, or just a mere element repeated to exhaustion, it’s a pattern. Letters are lines and dots.


RADARVisual identity and website management for Radar — a radio that broadcasts since 2002 from Lisbon.


HABITAR O FUTUROVisual identity for an online editorial project curated by chumbo agency.


RE/MAX LATINARE/MAX LATINA in the largest division of RE/MAX in the Iberian peninsula. I managed a diverse set of roles and responsibilities, including web design and print, office design and decoration, and web application development. I worked closely with the marketing team to develop materials based on the RE/MAX brand book in addition to creating new design lines.


Cenas da Vida Conjugal
(Scenes from a Marriage)
Dialogues are portrayed in this little book.
Scenes of a life of two… to read carefully, with a pinch of irony.
(includes two smaller booklets with pictures that can been seen here, and 4 postcards)

[2015] [BOOK DESIGN]